Another froggie


Emigon loves reptiles. Frogs, geckos and turtles, especially.
She used to have a turtle named Wasabi. Did you know that turtles yawn and sneeze? They're so adorable when they do.



At least that's what Emigon says this bird is. She likes it because it's blue.


A snail came for a visit

Emigon loves snails, too! She likes to collect them and line them up along the handle bars of her bicycle. She gets a kick out of touching their eyeballs and watching them pull back and stick back out again. She found a teeny-tiny baby snail last night in the bathroom. Its house was the size of a sesame seed. She couldn't figure out how it kept from falling as it crawled down the wall. She let the snail climb up onto her toothbrush and took it outside where it could safely hang out on a neighbor's plant.



Emigon loves frogs. She doesn't understand why some people don't like them or are even scared of them. She used to find lots of them in her yard when she lived in Kugenuma.


Emigon's work --butterfly

I've decided to hire another inner artist. Her name is Emigon. She's about 8 years old. She likes to draw bugs and animals. I'll be showing a series of her work for a while :)


Another Thursday afternoon

Taking a break from work to doodle.