Tony Guppy Special @ KAMOME


Tony is a very talented steelpan player from Trinidad and Tobago. I met him over a year ago and we had a happy reunion at Blues Alley. Keiko and I were thrilled to be invited not only to hear his music, but also to paint to it!
It wasn't until we were all set up, the show had started and we were about to paint that we realized I had forgotten all my paint brushes! Eek! We quickly decided that tonight, we were meant to paint with our fingers, so that's what we did :)
There was another amazing steelpan player besides Tony, this one a Japanese fellow. Them and the rest of the guys on stage totally brought the house down with their groovy stuff. Thanks so much for such a fun night, Tony!
Tony has invited us back to do it again, this time at B-Flat in Akasaka, in November.


HIRO again @ Blues Alley Tokyo

Had another chance to paint to Hiro's music, this time with Keiko. Hiro has created new songs (Port is my favorite) and it was such a treat to get to hear them again! Painting alone is great fun, but doing it with a partner adds a different kind of energy and I love finding out what comes out of it. Many more guests tonight including Tony Guppy, TOKU, and Shanti. The core quartet was once again amazing and I got a bit carried away with the paint. I hope the owner of Blues Alley doesn't notice the splashes (tiny--really!) I got on their curtain!



Motion Blue Yokohama

西藤大信さんがHiro Jazz Tourで横浜のモーションブルーでライブ。いつもながらすばらしいミュージシャンのグループで、しかもゲストにKAZZさん!とてもハッピーな気持ちでステージ横で描かせていただきました。ステージの反対側にはブッチャーさん!再会できてうれしかった~。

Painted at an awesome gig by Hironobu Saito and his crew, on their annual Hiro Jazz Tour, at Motion Blue Yokohama. I had promised Hiro that I would only paint during the first set and listen during the second, but I couldn't stop! Ended up painting till the very last song. Thanks for the great music as always, Hiro!

Steve's groovy music

Had the honor of painting to the music of an awesome guitarist Steve Fell, who happens to be my best friend's husband :) and his side-kick Haru-san. Was great to see you guys back in Tokyo!



Brian Eno on paper

My painting partner Keiko and I painted to Brian Eno. Love his stuff!