Sia's jam session @ Gokai


あ る日の深夜、原宿の「バー誤解」へ、イラン人の友人で、ネイというたて笛を吹き、すてきなペルシャ音楽を奏でるシーアとスペイン人のバンスーリ奏者のカル ロスさんたちのジャムセッションを聴きに行きました。Mysticという言葉がぴったりの、どこだかわからないけど居心地のよい別世界へ連れて行ってくれ る、いつまででも聴いていたいような、そんなセッションでした。

A little while back, I started bringing my sketchbook and crayons whenever I went to hear live music. I love letting my mind and hand go to simply let the music move me to choose the colors and shapes I put on paper. I never know what I would end up with and it's exciting to find out what kind of artwork the day's music would create through me.

This is one of the images I came away with one late night at Bar Gokai, where my Iranian friend and ney player Sia played in a jam session with, among others, Carlos, a Spanish bansuri player, who was visiting Japan and whose gig I had just attended hours earlier. What a special night! Sinking into one of the big cushions in this dark, ambient hideaway bar, listening to nonstop mystical sounds carrying you to another dimension.

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Ken said...

This is a nice one. Kinda calm and serene... I like to have this on my wall!